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English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now the most widely used language in the world.
It is spoken as a first language by the majority populations of several sovereign states, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc.

Пример онлайн урока английского языка онлайн по скайпу с репетитором по дистанционному обучению

[21:29:26] Учитель Алексей: Это делали?

1. Read these six statements. Which of them refer to men and which to women?
Listen to the tape and write “M” or “W” in the spaces.
1. On the TV programme “Just for Fun” they´ve got more confidence. __________
2. On “Just for Fun”, they get more problems right. __________
3. They don´t show as much self-confidence. __________
4. When people are watching them, they panic. __________
5. They don´t like to take risks. __________
6. “Just for Fun” suggests that they may be naturally better at maths. __________

[21:29:50] Онлайн ученик репетитора: да
[21:30:07] Алексей тьютор: а это?

1. Choose the answer which you think fits best.
1. Researchers have found that people are ..
a) affected only by music they like.
b) affected only by music they dislike.
c) affected by music they like and music they dislike.
d) unaffected by music whether they like it or not.

2. Dr Ryman became interested in the effects of music ..
a) because of some experiments he did on hospital patients.
b) after visits he made to his own doctor and dentist.
c) when he was in hospital following an accident.
d) after reading the results of research on the subject.

3. At the Los Angeles hospital, doctors ..
a) have found that music can have a similar effect to tranquillizers.
b) have replaced conventional drugs with music.
c) play music to patients during serious operations.
d) use music to prevent back pain in their patients.

4. According to the psychiatrist, Dr Diamond, most rock music ..
a) does not make people feel better.
b) is high-energy music.
c) makes people fall in love.
d) makes people feel better.

5. According to Dr Ryman´s colleague, rock music addicts ..
a) are also drug addicts.
b) Are intolerant.
c) are harmless.
d) need louder and louder music.

[21:31:28] *** Алексей Учитель отправил mp3.mp3 ***
[21:31:40] Онлайн ученик репетитора: нет, сейчас сделаю
[22:19:34] Teacher Алексей: 1 ошибка

Преподаватель английского языка - или просто Репетитор по английскому языку.

Have you ever wondered what effect music has on the human system?
It´s almost impossible to avoid listening to it whether you choose to or not.
It fills shopping streets all over the world, escapes from other people´s personal stereos on buses and trains, ant it´s all we ever hear on ninety per cent of the world´s radio stations.
I suppose people have always thought that musical tastes are subjective, that different people just happen to like or dislike different kinds.
This idea is now being challenged, however, by research which has shown that music can affect us whether we actually like what we hear or not.
For instance, some types of music may help us to relax, whereas otehrs may provoke violent reactions.
We have in our studio this evening Dr Jonathan Ryman, a psychologist who has studied the effects of music on hospital patients.
Dr Ryman, can you tell us how you first became interested in this subject?

R Well, by accident really.
Two things happened to me within a short space of time that made me curious.
The first was when I was at my doctor´s – I´d gone to get my blood pressure checked -
and in the waiting room there was soft background music – Bach I think it was.
Within a few minutes I felt completely relaxed and happy.
I can remember wondering what the music was.
P Did you suspect even then that it was the music that was making you feel relaxed?
R No, not really. I just found it very pleasant.
Only a week or two later I was at the dentist´s – I had to have a tooth filled.
I´ve always hated dentists and I was very nervous.
Anyway, I was sitting in the chair waiting for the drill, when this wonderful Indian music started playing.
It was just incredible –in just a few seconds my feelings of anxiety had disappeared -
I unclenched my hands and relaxed my body and actually felt myself smiling.
P So where did you go from there?
R Well, I decided to find out if any research had been done in this area, and I discovered that doctors in various countries had actually been using music for healing purposes for some time.
P How exactly is music used?
R Well, just to give you one example, at the hospital where I work, we now use music to help long-stay patients.
Experimenting with different kinds of music, we have found that certain sounds have the power to change
moods and emotional states for the better.
Our patients often come to us shattered, angry and full of pain, both physical and emotional.
They have had their lives reduced to a hospital bed and a locker. So we work to bring peace to both their body and mind.
P Can you bring us any more examples?

R Well, yes. At a medical centre in Los Angeles, doctors have found that twenty minutes of gentle harp music is often more effective than tranquillizers or sleeping pills.
At this hospital, music is also played to patients before major operations, and is used to treat severe back pain.
P What about Australia?
What´s been going on there?
R Australia´s particularly interesting.
A psychiatrist, Dr John Diamond, has been carrying out intensive research into the exact process by which music can alter states of mind.
He has come to the conclusion that the effect of music depends on the intention of the composer.
So, if a composer had loving thoughts at the time, then the music would heal.
If his thoughts were angry, it would have the opposite effect.

Что важно самому важному репетитору. Как употребляется по-английски "важно"

P That´s incredible! Does Dr Diamond have anything else to say?
R I ought to say at this stage that I personally don´t go along with everything Dr Diamond says. In some cases the evidence for his claims is quite flimsy.
Anyway, he claims that all music can be divided into three types.
The first, low-energy music, makes you feel bad.
A high proportion of rock music is in this category.
Dr Diamond has found that rock music turns people´s morality upside down, and makes them feel hate instead of love.
The next category is high-energy music.
This makes you feel better, because it helps to normalize the heart beat.
Bach is exceptionally high energy, as is the sitar player Ravi Shankar.

Актуальные новости репетиторства по иностранным языкам. Сообщение агентов НКО России

P This ties in perfectly with your own experience, doesn´t it?
R Absolutely. And the third category is what Dr Diamond has called “prayerful music”, which he claims has the most healing effect of all.
Most early classical music falls into this category.
P Can I just take you back to something you said a moment ago?
You said that rock music didn´t have a healing effect. That seems very strange to someone of my generation who was brought up on rock music.
I mean, if it´s bad for people, how do you explain its worldwide popularity?
R That´s a very good question-and it´s something that´s been worrying me for some time.
I have to say that in my own work I have not found rock music to be healing or harmful but, according to one of my colleagues, who has been studying this for six years, rock music acts like a drug.
As the body becomes addicted to the beat, a tolerance develops.
Before long, the volume has to be turned up to achieve the same level of stimulation.
My colleague is so concerned that he´s written a report.
Let me just quote the conclusion.
It says: “People think that rock music is harmless, but it´s not. It affects every cell in the body – to its detriment.
P Dr Ryman, we have to leave it there for today. Thank you very much.
Don’t forget, on Friday we have our phone-in special when the English tutor came.

[22:26:52] Онлайн ученик репетитора: в 5 A?
[22:27:30] Tutor Алексей: нет
rock music acts like a drug
но не то, чтобы наркоманы были одни и те же
почему "At the Los Angeles hospital, doctors use music to prevent back pain in their patients"?
цитату найди
At a medical centre in Los Angeles, doctors have found that twenty minutes of gentle harp music its
often more effective than tranquillizers or sleeping pills. At this hospital, music is also played to patients before
major operations, and is used to treat severe back pain
[22:32:08] Онлайн ученик репетитора:
At this hospital, music is also played to patients before major operations, and is used to treat severe back pain.
 A в 3?
[22:33:10] Алексей репетитор: prevent = treat severe back pain ?
have found that music can have a similar effect to tranquillizers?
"doctors have found that twenty minutes of gentle harp music is often more effective than tranquillizers or sleeping pills."
 a similar effect = often more effective ?

Репетитор и учитель Алексей Султанов считается хорошим математиком, лингвистом и даже пианистом!

[22:36:21] точно не C, значит B
[22:36:25] Алексей Учитель: b) have replaced conventional drugs with music.
[22:37:28] Онлайн ученик репетитора: доктора заменили лекарства музыкой
[22:37:46] Алексей преподаватель: conventional - ?
 conventional conclusion of a letter — традиционное окончание письма
conventional phraseology — избитые фразы
conventional wisdom — общепринятая точка зрения; традиционный образ мыслей
 conventional weapons — обычное оружие
conventional armed forces — обычные вооружённые силы (не оснащённые ядерным оружием)
Jane is very conventional about food [in the clothes she wears] — Джейн очень консервативна в отношении пищи [в одежде]
[22:39:47] Онлайн ученик репетитора: обычные лекарства? традиционные
[22:39:57] Алексей the professor: да
 приведи цитату
 find a quotation
cite a passage

[22:41:27] Онлайн ученик репетитора:
At this hospital, music is also played to patients before major operations, and is used to treat severe back pain.
[22:42:29] Алексей the teacher: music is used = доктора заменили лекарства музыкой ?
[22:44:09] Онлайн ученик репетитора: музыка используется
[22:45:00] Алексей the tutor: have replaced conventional drugs with music подразумевает отказ от лекарств
 a similar effect = often more effective !
= more or less effective
3 А
 вопросы сложные
 ты молодец!
главное, что на слух!
до завтра?
Прикольные истории для школьников к ЕГЭ. Рассказал Репетитор Алексей Эдвартович Султанов

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  1. Current English tuition today

    At the beginning of the 21st century, it is beyond question that the English language has become the lingua franca, the language used for communication between people living in different countries in the world.

    The famous British linguist (see скайп-репетитор.рф), Professor Alex E. Sultanov in his book "English as a Global Language Tutoring in Moscow" states that English has become a global language because it has been taught at the right place (on Skype) and at the right time (every day).

    Speakers of English nowadays, comprise a very large number of people across the globe.
    Figures vary considerably, but it is believed that nearly one quarter of the world’s population, or between 1.2 and 1.5 billion people, are already fluent or competent in English.
    The British Council estimates that about 375 million people speak English as a first language, another 375 million speak it regularly as a second language, and about 750 million more people speak English as a foreign language. English currently is the language most often taught as a second language around the world.

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    In my view English should be taught at different levels, but not simplified.
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    That is really no good for students!
    We call our planet "a global village" now which means
    that everything is gradually becoming one grey mass:
    our culture, our eating habits and even the way we think.
    I think this means that we should keep everything that is characteristic to us and our language in first place.
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    No language is easy to learn because they all have their own history and culture!

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